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The Hall

Within the four quarters created by the cross-roads of Hatcham Road and Penarth Street, several types of occupiers can be found, but with rarely any interaction between them. From industrial sheds to places of worship, South Bermondsey is a community of communities. Through several conversations with the different occupants, it became very clear that a gathering spot was required to bring everyone together. The minimal communication has been placed on the lack of location; rather than the lack of will. In addition to this, a common need of green, natural spaces emerged.

The aim was to use an existing structure and create with it, a multi-use space that can be occupied by any of the four different groups. The chosen site was the north-western shed at The Penarth Centre, which is currently being used as a car park. The proposal seeks to turn the shed into a community centre with a theatre hall, restaurant, and rooms that can be used for study or creation. The restaurant and theatre would have large floor-to-ceiling glazing allowing for a framed backdrop. Beyond the adaptation of the shed into a centre, the proposal includes a rewilding of that quarter of the wider site.

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