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The Window

In a group-based design charette the aims were to explore the design process and fabrication methods necessary to design and build a ‘bespoke window’.

This collaborative project, the brief required an imagining of a domestic-scaled living room, with its own set of unique conditions ranging from a particular climate to spatial situations.

The conditions set:

- A tropical climate (hot and humid)

- A distant horizon from the 2nd floor.

Choosing Nairobi, Kenya as the climatic location, the interests for the design stemmed from the want of an inhabitable opening; a window that would frame a view but activate the space through engagement.

Concerning both the window itself and the room, the aim was to generate a sense of clarity (‘The Cave’ idea began as an example of this intent). The goal was to create an open-able system of visual simplicity and enjoyable mechanics from a detail any metal worker would understand.

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