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Having completed both my RIBA Part I and Part II in Architecture, I have established an understanding of the type of architectural practice I wish to pursue and my role in its discourse.

To me, Architecture is not simply an academic approach to construction, but rather the discourse based on the creation of functional art. Architecture is the use of knowledge in the fields of technology, art, and humanities to inform the processes of design and construction of buildings. I have tried to consider these definitions of Architecture in all aspects my vocation.

My interest in Architecture and the engagement in it as a career choice stems greatly from my hopes of aiding certain sects of society. My goal is to complete the certification process, in order to become a fully qualified architect, with a focus on humanitarian-driven architecture. I wish to expand my knowledge and practice to sufficiently be able to design schools and hospitals in difficult economic regions. The creation of such facilities is often bound by the strict regulations surrounding them - I hope to learn how to abide by these without compromising the aesthetic of a design.   

In my years of study and experience as an architectural assistant I have amassed the practical skills required for the practice of architecture; from the use of different CAD software, to an understand of planning applications and other project sensitive documents. These varied skills have meant that even in my Part I placement, I was able to successfully manage several projects.

In my spare time, I thoroughly enjoy producing artwork. My preferred mediums are acrylic painting, oil pastels and chalk sketching. My art often focuses on the human anatomy; often juxtaposing these to textures found in nature.

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