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Welcome Square

Every immigrant and refugee which seek residence in the Attica region of Athens must unfortunately deal with being processed by the local Immigration Centre in the south of Eleonas. It is a bureaucratic nightmare, and with no amenities in the area, applicants are forced to wait for hours, only to be told to return another day. 

The proposal aims to occur in 4 primary stages, which seek to change the fabric of Eleonas, shifting it from a derelict shed town, to a bright and welcoming neighbourhood. 

Stage 1 - The New Workshop

The relocation of the plastic workshop and part of the leather processing factory into the completed concrete frame structure directly to the west, as was the intended use of the structure, with the replacement being a useable green space to allow for a more pleasant waiting experience for the applicants and a more efficient workshop for the existing business.

Stage 2 - The Twin Stoas

The construction of Stoas and “Welcome Square”, a public space designed with the purpose of welcoming and caring for newly arrived immigrants. Each stoa has 4 “shop” fronts on one side and a secluded meeting spot on the other, with a communal terrace above. These shop fronts will house convenience stores, clothing stores, lawyers’ and doctors’ offices and photocopy shops.

Stage 3 - The People’s Polykatoikia

The construction of Polykatoikia, to feature civic spaces on the ground and lower floors, commercial units on the mid-levels and private residence for long term applicants on the upper levels.

Stage 4 - The River

The connection of “Welcome Square” to the river, with a clinic, recreational facilities and a “Zen Park” leading up to the North Site.

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